you are a honey human

Welcome to a series of portraits & stories of humans I have the great pleasure of getting to know & photograph.

The name 'Honey Humans' comes from a root belief that became so clear on a 6-hour flight from Boston to Seattle Christmas 2016. Amongst so much sadness in the world as a whole & all of our own personal lives at times, I believe we are all filled with an incredible love. A strong love that can withstand any anger, hatred & sadness. A love that came to me as a picture of thick, glowing honey...thus, Honey Humans. We all have that love inside of us, a steady & freeing glow! It's time to document that. Welcome to the Honey Humans Series.


interested in becoming apart of this project!? I'd love to hear from you!


Honey Humans Series - Sarah - 1.jpg

meet sarah

she's a woman i've known for 16 years // i can hear her laugh just by looking at these portraits. she's one of those infectious people with easily the kindest soul // she's going to school to be a nurse - a kickbooty one at that // she possesses a heart beaming with empathy & strength //

honey humans series // one

Honey Humans Series - Sandy - 2b.jpg

meet sandy

she's my momma // strong, resilient & full of love. the best kind of mom & woman // she's a massage therapist & loves the body & all the wonder & wisdom it gives us // she has a strong faith // she loves loves loves to dance especially to some Michael Jackson //

honey humans series // two