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You know when people ask, "What is your happy place?" I like to think about that in a tangible, every day sense. I'm sure you've thought up a list just like this at some point; your list of happy. A medley of things that make you excited & full of peace at the same time. I think that medley genuinely tells a lot about a person! I've narrowed down a few of mine to share with you guys...

 moss · bouquets of weeds & flowers · textures · coffee shops · folk music · live tunes · eyes · laughs · weathered skin · windows · old wooden floors · watercoloring · pups · funky trees · mountains · lace · big warm wool socks · chocolate · rain · fog

Hi there, I'm Sienna! The owner & photographer behind Sienna Renee Photography. I am a 24 year old lifestyle portrait & wedding photographer living in the Seattle area. In August 2016, I packed my 2001 Subaru Forester, "Lil Blue" with as many of my things I could fit & began the move from Massachusetts to Washington state with my WA native fella by my side. And so it begins! A gal in search of a next adventure & challenge I haven't come across before.

why photography?

A pivotal time in my journey as a photographer was shortly after graduating from a ten month intensive photography program. At 19, I was in a bubble of freedom & infinite young & ambitious mind started off running after graduation wanting to leap into the world of documentary photography. I quickly discovered an organization called Photographers Without Borders I could dip my toes into. I applied & shortly after was accepted to be apart of a project in the Colombian Amazon with Green Hope Colombia. I spent 17 days walking through the Amazon Rainforest & throughout communities. I saw butterflies the size of my hand & met indigenous tribes learning to live a sustainable lifestyle in the midst of government corruption & I had the honor of capturing it all through my lens. To view the whole gallery, click on this link.

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Since then, from the loveliest of weddings to intimate portrait sessions, there's that same sense of inspiration from the people I photograph. I love people. Whether that is seniors in high school about to head into a brand new chapter, a couple beginning their lives together, or a family living off the land in the middle of the rainforest. I enjoy having the opportunity to tell about your stories, loves & ambitions through my lens.

light        ·       ·           ·          ·          ·       ·

Since I was little, I have memories where the only thing I remember is what the light looked like. Soft delicate light, darker shaping light, bright happy light... it has a simple loveliness about it. The way it brings out the beauty & life in the world's inhabitants with its touch is so mysterious & exciting.


 a big ol' thanks    ·     ·        ·        ·   

Last but definitely not least, I'd like to thank all of my clients, past & future. Without any of you beautiful souls none of this would be possible & it means so very much to me that you put yourselves in front of my lens & trust that I will take care of you. You're all what makes this beautiful job so much fun!