water · narragansett, rhode island

this morning i woke up to a most refreshing 60 degree rainy day here in new england.
sipping on my cup o joe, my body and mind yearned to go to the ocean.
so, i listened

i love that i have this spot on the site to share this side of my work with all of you!
i first got into photography shooting nature with a flip phone camera (hahaha!) all the details, textures, light grabbed at me.
it’s important to go back to those roots.
i’ve come to know since those beginnings how important it is to know how to bring out not only your subject’s personality but the environment you’re all photographing in too.
it’s a symbiotic relationship, anyhow so why not document that?

i hope you enjoy some portraits of the sea
it was especially stormy so the water was my muse today!
if you can’t tell by now, i sure do love the ocean :)